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There are so many things to watch out for when choosing a knife. There are so many kinds of knives in the world but they have been fashioned for different purposes. This article will be detailed in providing information about the kind of knife to be chosen-either a file tor sushi knife.

Since sushi and filet knives are both used in “fish” dishes, it is important to know the right kind of knife for performing the right kind of kitchen task.


There are many choices of sushi knives but choosing the kind of knife that feels so comfortable in your hands is of utmost importance. The Japanese blades are employed in the making of sushi knives and there are three kinds of them.

  • Yanagiba is known to be one of the numerous Japanese blades used in making sushi knives. It has a slender blade which is useful especially for slicing of sashimi. It is a long knife. It greatly excels in slicing fish.
  • The Usuba is also another of the Japanese blades. It is designed for the cutting of vegetables, turning them into a beautiful work of art all together-when used by a skilled cook!
  • Deba is a popular blade used in Japan for dismantling tuna. It has proven effective.

The preparation of sushi requires more than a process. It demands the making of rice, cutting of vegetables and filleting the fish to be used; therefore, more than a kind of knife is needed in the preparation of sushi, which we can call the sushi-making set of knives. A roller is also needed in sushi preparation. You have to fillet your fish with an appropriate filet knife, to come up with tasty sushi. Mind you, the choice of knives improves the taste of the meals; sushi experts have proven it!

More about Sushi Knife

If you are a sushi chef or a sushi lover, with a continuous and unquenchable like for sushi, then you should be considering getting a standard sushi knife like the Yanagiba, to cut your fish into proper slices. You might also require other kinds of knife like the Usuba for your vegetable cutting, to enhance the take and looks of your sushi!

There is a huge difference between the taste and looks of sushi prepared with the help of a Yanagiba knife and some other sort of knife. Getting a clean cut across your fish without damage to its cell walls helps in maximizing the flavor of the meal


Filet knives come in different shapes and sizes and are the main tool useful in achieving thin fish slices.  If you are a huge fan of filleted fish, then you should be considering a fillet knife, a number of factors to also put into consideration when opting for a filet knife are as follows:

The size

The size of your filet knife is largely dependent on the type of fish and size of fish you love. If you mostly love meals that require smaller fish like small freshwater fish, trout, perch or panfish, then you can opt for a 6-7 inch sized filet knife. If large freshwater fish is your choice then you probably will need 8-9 inches filet knife to do the filleting trick for you in food preparation.

If you love mixtures of small and large fishes, then you can go for two filet knives of appropriate sizes, so you do not end up having a tough time trying to use a small fillet knife in filleting a large fish.


Another important factor is having a sharp fillet knife: to make the work of fish filleting less tasking, you should choose a sharp fillet knife. As time goes by, the sharpness of the filet knife might wane, it important in addition to proper maintenance, to get an inexpensive sharpener to use sharpening the filet knife prior to use.

A sharpener can perform dual functions: serve as a maintainer and a sharpener. A good example is the Dexter diamond sharpener.

The Handles

You should also consider the handles before opting for any kind of filet knife. The best kinds of handles are made from high carbon and high alloy stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

Filet knives are usually hand washed and dried to protect them and ensure they are long lasting. There are fillet knives with hardwood handles and high carbon steel blades.

A filet knife made from high carbon steel has to be washed, hand dried and coated with vegetable oil to prevent corrosion.

Being a sushi lover or a mere fish lover answers the question of what to choose: a filet or a sushi knife.